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A comprehensive eye exam may use a variety of optometry equipment to view the eye surface and internal structures.


Eye charts, eye covers, slit lamps, tonometry devices, refraction equipment, and corneal topography may be used to determine the current level of your vision and what type of correction may be needed to help you see clearly.

Other equipment is used to see inside the eye, to detect problems with the eye structures. Your eye doctor may also do tests for color detection, eye tracking and how well your eyes team together for seeing images.


Your optometrist will take a medical history to learn about health issues that may affect your eyes. In addition, the eye doctor will ask about tasks you normally perform and your general eye health.

You will then be asked to read an eye chart, covering one and then the other of your eyes to determine each eye’s visual acuity.

The pupils will be checked, and you will be asked to look into a slit lamp or other device to check the condition of your eyes.

The eye doctor may dilate your pupils in order to the internal structures of the eye, to check for signs of eye diseases.

Additional tests may also be done to measure the curve of your cornea for contact lenses. Your optometrist will also do tests to measure the pressure in your eyes.



VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis

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