Vision Therapy Success Stories

Our office specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders that interfere with reading, learning and other activities of daily living. While we also work with adults, we mainly see children in our office. Children love our staff. They create a very warm caring atmosphere during the testing. 


VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana


By: Sabrina (Mom)

“I wanted to share my experience with Dr. Rae and the Vision Therapy Team at VisionQuest in Greenwood, Indiana.

In February of 2019, I took my daughter to an optometrist at Eyeglass World. He commented that many of the things I shared (my daughter gets tired after reading for five minutes, loved books but wouldn’t read, wrote letters and numbers backward often, etc.) about my concerns sounded like something that the Vision Therapy team at VisionQuest might be able to help with. He suggested at least having her checked to see if there was more going on than some poor eyesight.

In April of 2019, I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Rae. She checked her eye movements and had the therapists there run some tests. In the end, we discovered that she had poor skills in both eye focusing and eye movement tracking. She jumped all over the page when reading causing a great inefficiency in her reading. She measured at only 61 words per minute, which put her efficiency in reading at a K/1st grade level. She was in 3rd Grade at the time and had been reading since she was 4, but didn’t' seem to ever really improve. Both her teacher and I had noticed that she consistently wrote letters and numbers backward and didn’t recognize when they were wrong. I had been told for years that she’d “grow out of it”, but by 3rd grade when she hadn’t, I was becoming more concerned. Her printing was sloppy, sloped up and down and it took her forever to write three or four words. With her reading, she couldn't read without drawing a finger across the page as she read and would constantly lose her place when reading.

I was oddly comforted by the fact that there was finally someone telling me there was a reason my child was struggling so much with these issues at school, yet she is a very intelligent girl. However, I was also extremely skeptical and wondered if it was some sort of “scam” that in the end, wouldn’t provide any sort of noticeable change. It seemed like a large financial investment that would be completely worth it if it worked, but seemed ridiculous that they could 'retrain my child’s brain and eyes to work together'. However, I also feel strongly that if there was any way to help my daughter do better in school and in life, it was something I should examine. The logic behind it made sense and both Ms. Chris and Dr. Rae were willing to answer any and all of my questions thoroughly. In the end, I took the chance and we committed upfront to the 6 months of therapy they said would be needed for my daughter’s best chance at success.

Within the first six weeks or so, I saw very little difference as I was looking for a sudden 'my kid loves reading' or “no more reversals”. However, by week 8, I already saw some differences in my daughter’s approach to reading and not using her finger to follow. More importantly, my daughter said that reading was becoming easier and she wasn’t as tired as she used to be when reading. About halfway through her therapy, she was able to sit and read for an hour without asking me anymore 'Can I be done now?' every five minutes.

Now, at the conclusion of the program, the changes have been noticed by me, my parents (when she reads out loud to them), her teacher, and most importantly, by her. She still reverses letters once in a great while, but she always immediately catches it on her own and corrects it. Her words per minute in reading has gone from 61 to 131! She’s still not a kid who can’t wait to grab a book every day and read, however, there are actually days where she DOES grab a book to read and WANTS to. I never thought that I would see that! Her confidence in reading out loud and sharing what she writes has skyrocketed. She’s not embarrassed to show me what she’s written since she no longer has those reversals. She was a notoriously bad speller who didn’t care and now is interested in spelling correctly and writes so much more neatly!

I cannot express how grateful I am that we were referred to Dr. Rae and Ms. Chris and for the work they have done. I am truly amazed and delighted at my daughter’s success. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering doing this for their child as it’s so worth it!

Thank you for making my daughter the best version of herself she can be.”

Aberdeen with VisionQuest therapist Chris.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana

Ernie - Convergence Insufficiency  

By: Santos (Dad) 

“When Ernie’s optometrist diagnosed him with convergence insufficiency, I didn’t know that existed. My son didn't think there was a problem. In his mind, he let us know, everybody had the same problem trying to see from a close distance. We saw he struggled to read and within a short time, he started to experience tiredness and headaches. Once he started his vision therapy, we saw a significant change in his capability to see from a close distance and his headaches went away.  

We are very glad to have found this problem and treatment to get it better, he will benefit from this next year when he’s starting college. We wish we would have caught it a long time ago.”

Ernie with VisionQuest therapist Kayla.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana


By: Melissa (Mom) 

“Quinn had a very difficult time trying to read. Her school believed she didn’t even know her letter sounds. After seeing the literary specialist, she had a feeling that it was Quinn’s eyes that were the problem. We were able to see Dr. Rae very quickly and sure enough, it was Quinn’s eyes. Quinn started vision therapy shortly after and even in the first few weeks we noticed a difference. She wasn’t sitting as close to the TV or holding books closely anymore. Since beginning therapy, Quinn has grown seven levels in reading. Her reading has improved so much, she is able to read for longer periods of time and not be so exhausted. Quinn is doing amazing and it’s all because of Vision Therapy.”

Quinn with VisionQuest therapist Kayla.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana

Carter - Strabismus

By: Becky (Mom) 

“Carter has struggled with his vision since kindergarten. Each year his prescription would get stronger to battle his eye's inward turn. Fifth Grade was a struggle with headaches and difficulty seeing the board in class. After having to see his primary eye doctor about every three months with the struggle with his prescription changes, Dr. Colin Christie referred us to Dr. Winters. Vision Therapy has been a blessing for Carter! His eyes no longer turn in and he is without headaches.  With the VisionQuest team approach, his prescription has been cut in half! We really enjoyed all the staff and how they all communicated with each other, us, and our primary eye physician. Thank you all!”

Carter with VisionQuest therapist Kayla.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana


By: Scott (Dad) 

“Before Vision Therapy, my daughter used to have headaches and a hard time concentrating on schoolwork. We immediately noticed a difference a couple of weeks into therapy. Her balance improved and she was able to concentrate more and noticed her attitude was much better when it came to schoolwork. We were very satisfied with the help we received and would recommend VisionQuest to anyone.”

Emma with VisionQuest therapist Chris.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana


By: Mom 

“My daughter Sarah was behind in reading and struggling to stay only one level behind. We tried everything! Someone said 'Have her eyes checked' and we did. She was a hot mess. I couldn’t believe how well she could read when her eyes were so messed up! After seeing Dr. Rae Winters and Kayla her reading fluence steadily increased her entire 3rd-grade year. We saw improvement at home and at school. Never in my wildest dreams did I think vision therapy would change my daughter’s life. I am so glad we had a great doctor and an amazing therapist!”

Sarah with VisionQuest therapist Kayla.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana

Cooper - Amblyopia

By: Cooper 

“Before vision therapy, my eyesight was pretty bad. I would go double vision often and my eyes would feel very tired a lot. Now after Vision Therapy my eyes hardly ever go double vision, my hand-eye coordination has gotten so much better, my depth perception has increased, and my eyes feel so much better. I am beyond thankful that I go to do vision therapy! I also am grateful for all the help I received along the way.“

By: Beth (Mom) 

“Cooper has commented for a few years that he can 'make his eyes see double'. Honestly, I didn’t think much of it because Cooper is a strong student and has always maintained top grades. I just assumed vision problems would be reflected academically. But as the time was getting closer for a driver’s license, we realized he struggled with depth perception, which is a concern for safe driving.  

We had Dr. Rae evaluate Coop and found out that things were a little worse than 'I can make my eyes see double'. Cooper has done the whole program on his own, with no resistance. He did all the weekly homework and exercises with no prompting from me at all.”  

Cooper with VisionQuest therapist Chris.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana


By: Sheryl (Mom) 

“Before Vision Therapy, Haylen had problems with depth perception. She struggled in school with 3D shapes. She was also behind on her reading level. Since getting glasses and going to eye therapy her reading level has improved.  She is reading at 2-grade levels above average. Her depth perception has also improved dramatically. She can now ride her bike on her own without training wheels. Her behavior has improved at school because she can now focus and see better. “

Haylen with VisionQuest therapist Chris.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana


By: Melanie (Mom) 

”Before Vision Therapy my son hated reading and complained of frequent headaches. Homework was a battle and he had no confidence in his ability to complete his work at a high level. Despite being an A/B student, my husband and I knew our son was not working to his full ability.  

After Vision Therapy, Joey approaches reading and all school work with more confidence. He rarely complains of headaches, no longer fights doing homework, and willingly and sometimes even happily reads every night before bed.  His teacher, who was unaware at the time that he was doing vision therapy, commented after a recent reading assessment that Joey had major growth in his comprehension and higher-level thinking since the beginning of the school year. Joey and I both attribute this growth in large part to the confidence he has gained through Vision Therapy.”

Joey with VisionQuest therapist Chris.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana


By: Lori (Mom) 

“Before therapy, Ronnie was having trouble concentrating. It bothered him to read. He had a very hard time playing baseball.  His depth perception was off.  He never complained about anything. It seems after therapy with Chris, he seems not to struggle to concentrate and he can read a lot better. His baseball skills have improved greatly. 

I was concerned homework was going to be a problem, and he would have trouble in sport and overall eye and hand coordination. Now that therapy has been completed, I feel like he is doing much better in all school and sports. The folks at VisionQuest have been great. Chris has been wonderful. Ronnie has really enjoyed working with Chris.”

Ronnie with VisionQuest therapist Chris.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana

Luke – Amblyopia

By: Amanda (Mom) 

“Of course, as an optometrist myself, I had concerns my son couldn’t see 20/20 out of both eyes. Starting Vision Therapy was had on both him and me. Him because of the actual exercises, me because of my pride in failing my own son as an optometrist. However, after our first progress report and seeing how much his vision had improved in just 8 weeks, we were both much happier with our decision! Luke’s reading level and confidence have improved dramatically since doing Vision Therapy. I’m so thankful I didn’t let my pride and his early frustrations keep us from completing and graduating VT!”

Luke with VisionQuest therapist Kayla.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana

Hayes – Convergence Insufficiency 

By: Hayes

“I felt like I couldn’t read. The words split apart or would run into each other. After vision therapy, I’ve actually been able to read chapter books without the words splitting or running together. Reading is easier.”  

By: Shellie (Mom) 

“Before Vision Therapy when Hayes read, eh complained of the words splitting apart of running together. He would often lose his place while reading, skip lines, and omit words. He lacked confidence in reading. He also exhibited fear of rides like rollercoasters and would frequently have motion sickness. Since vision therapy, his confidence has improved. He is able to read without skipping lines.  He reports that the words no longer split apart or run together unless he is extremely tired. Since working on depth perception, his favorite rides are rollercoasters and he has only had a couple of minor incidents of motion sickness.” 

Hayes with VisionQuest therapist Chris.

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana

Jessica – Strabismus 

By: Jessica

"I had several challenges with my eyes before Vision Therapy. I tired quickly, had to schedule large blocks of time to complete my work and could not engage with my family in the evenings due to being very fatigued. I was also very self-conscious about my eye drifting.    

Now I am able to complete my work efficiently leaving time to enjoy my family. My most exciting accomplishment is being able to read bedtime stories with my children. I am forever thankful to Kayla, Chris, Dr. Dale, Dr. Rae and the VisionQuest team!"

Jessica with VisionQuest therapist Kayla.


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