Myopia Management Now Available at VisionQuest Geist Office

September 9, 2021 | VisionQuest Eyecare

VisionQuest Eyecare Indianapolis Greenwood Fishers Indiana

Indiana-based VisionQuest Eyecare, Central Indiana's leading provider of Myopia Management for Children, has opened a treatment center in its Geist area office.

In partnership with Treehouse Eyes®, the country’s leading Myopia Management service, VisionQuest's service is designed to treat Myopia and significantly reduce the threat of more serious eye diseases in children.

"We are excited to be the only Treehouse Eyes® partner in Indiana, and to also offer the service in Greenwood and now Geist," said Dr. Chris Browning, Doctor of Optometry at VisionQuest and Myopia Management Provider. "We continue to diagnose more cases, and this has become an important part of our practice."

Myopia, often referred to as nearsightedness, is an eye disease in which the eye elongates more than it should, causing light to be focused in front of the retina instead of on the retina’s surface. Childhood Myopia rates are increasing, with 1 in 3 children now affected, Dr. Browning said.

"It's showing up at earlier ages and progressing more rapidly," he added.

VisionQuest offers the latest and most effective Myopia Management treatments to limit the progression. Similar to the Greenwood office, VisionQuest's Geist office includes state-of-the-art equipment to develop a personalized treatment plan. Non-invasive treatments include customized contact lenses and special prescription eye drops.

VisionQuest Eyecare opened its Geist office in June 2020 at 13840 East 96th Street, Fishers, on the northeast corner of Olio Road and East 96th Street. The privately owned eye care practice announced its expansion after several years of serving patients in Greenwood and East Indianapolis.

INVISION, an industry magazine and website, has listed the VisionQuest Geist office as one of America’s Finest Optical Retailers. The office was selected for its design, patient experience and operations. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call or text 317.720.2020. 

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VisionQuest Eyecare Greenwood Indianapolis Geist

Dr. Chris Browning provides an overview of Myopia Management services being provided at the VisionQuest Geist office during the grand opening of their Treehouse Eyes® treatment room.

VisionQuest Eyecare Greenwood Indianapolis Geist

The VisionQuest Myopia Management at Geist staff includes, from left, Emily Grimes, Geist office manager; Emily Harman, Myopia counselor for Greenwood and Geist offices; Dr. Anjali Shah and Dr. Chris Brown, Myopia treatment providers; and Rachel Slack, Treehouse Eyes® training manager.  


VisionQuest Eyecare provides children’s myopia management service in partnership with Treehouse Eyes®, the country’s leading myopia management service.

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